• Psychology of Color

    Psychology of Color Color is not as simple as it seems. According to this infographic from CertaPro Painters of Louisville, it evokes emotion and triggers your senses. With this in mind, the infographic beautifully explores colors that should and should not be used in interior decorating, as well as why certain colors are used in advertising....  Read more »

    World Trade Center Reborn

    World Trade Center Reborn The new World Trade Center site will include the National 9/11 Memorial Plaza and Museum and 1 WTC, soon to be the tallest building in the United States....  Read more »

    Left Brain Vs Right Brain

    Left Brain Vs Right Brain If you’ve ever wondered why you act the way you do, the answer may lie in which side of your brain you tend to use more. Although they're generalization, popular theories suggest that right-brain people have different skills and peferences than those who are left-brain people. How do these differences impact you?...  Read more »

    The Evolution of Advertising: From Stone Carving to the Old Spice Guy

    The Evolution of Advertising: From Stone Carving to the Old Spice Guy In 2011, online advertising has beaten out print and radio as the number two place ad dollars are spent. But how did it come to be that way? Four thousand years ago Ancient Egyptians invented advertising by carving public notices in steel. Fast forward to the present day, and in-text online ads, Facebook Like-driven campaigns and viral commercials, such as the Old Spice Guy, are common form....  Read more »

    The Anatomy of a perfect Website

    The Anatomy of a perfect Website Websites need a formula – a vivid blueprint that painstakingly weaves technicality, design and detail into something iconic and memorable. Without it, most wouldn’t function for more than a moment and they certainly wouldn’t impress. You may have navigation and usability down, but in today’s fast paced climate you’ll crash and burn without social media. What about SEO, where would it be without co...  Read more »

    What is an LED

    What is an LED If you’ve never checked out GOOD (www.good.is), it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time. It’s an editorial-based media platform. Their infographics are incredible, and they cover subjects ranging from 21st century political assassinations to hand-washing in the US. GOOD’s most recent infographic was on LEDs. Click on the photo for a larger version...  Read more »

    Evolution of corporate brand logo

    Evolution of corporate brand logo Have you ever wondered how the first Apple logo looked 30 years back? Did you know Volkswagen was Hitler’s idea? Or how the IBM logo changes over the time? Or where the Mercedes-Benz Brand And The Three-Pointed Star logo came from?...  Read more »

    How to Save Your Battery Life?

    How to Save Your Battery Life? Have you ever run out of battery power on your laptop, notebook, or netbook during a meeting or a class? Sufficient battery life is a persistent challenge for mobile PC users. You can take simple maintenance steps to extend the life of your laptop battery....  Read more »

    Google History Timeline. A visual look at Google

    Google History Timeline. A visual look at Google A large amount of data and statistics can be collected about the “big G” because the company is so huge and also very transparent....  Read more »

    iPhone Facts and Figures

    iPhone Facts and Figures Apple iPhone history, models and interesting numbers....  Read more »