10 Million Indian Professionals on LinkedIn

  • About six months ago, LinkedIn reported it has over 100 million users across the globe. And out of these, 10 million are based in India. The number is poised to increase as LinkedIn starts placing more emphasis on Asia-Pacific markets, especially in India and Japan.

    LinkedIn has already had offices in India since 2009. It recently set up an APAC head office in Singapore. Plus, a Japan office will be opened later this year.

    Despite those moves into other nations in Asia, India still proves to be one of the core markets for the professional social networking site. The good folks at Eyedealab created an infographic to provide us a visual breakdown of LinkedIn in India.

    Here are three interesting facts that caught my attention:

    I’m the boss! — There are 400,000 Indian LinkedIn users who’re listed as business owners in their titles.

    A geeky country indeed — IT is one of the top industries listed in India.

    ‘Ayurveda’ in job titles? Yes, 2,587 of them have that.

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