IRIS : Future technology

  • There are instances that I used to think beyond our current imagination, I was wondering whether that could happen or not. But I noticed that many of my imagination are already happening currently.

    So I’m here to share a set of futuristic technology or imagination, out of box.

    This article is also a part of my imagination. This may be a mating of minds to create a new technology in future.

    IRIS Watch

    As everybody knows, human IRIS print is unique for everyone and there are technologies that already exist to read our human IRIS and identify a person.

    In future, this technology may evolve in many industries like advertisement.

    How is this going to help us in advertisements?

    As we all know there are technologies that already exist to read the IRIS, this may get placed in the public ad boards, TVs, and even computers.

    IRIS scanner takes the count of viewers and sends it to the advertisement agencies. By this way Agencies will interact with the Companies and get paid.

    This same concept will be applicable for TVs and Computers. In future, computers may be manufactured with biometric and IRIS scanner. Especially IRIS scanner placed behind the screens. So viewer’s attraction in the screen gets transferred through the digital cable and reaches the TV stations.

    Likewise, in computers, all the viewer sight get transferred to site owners or ad agencies (ex: adsense, bingads,etc)



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