From Field to Fleet : The plane flew in mustard oil

  • We ll be leaving in three-hours. Put thousand liters of mustard oil (bio-fuel)" the flight pilot has to say, but it will be fun. But in the coming day’s mustard oil can be used generously.

    Now day airlines are showing more interest on running their flights through vegetable oil (bio-fuel). The bio-fuel is made from recycled cooking oil.

    Recently in Canada, a regular jet flying in the sky with a record of completely filled with vegetable oil (bio-fuel). It proved to that the flight can be run by vegetable oil. In fact, the fuel is cooking oil. The oil is used for cooking in African countries. Many countries in the world commercial flight jet engines use a variety of high-grade kerosene. Including Jet-A, Jet A 1, there are two types (front rotor flight, but the use of a type of petrol). 

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    Day-by-day decomposition of carbon in the atmosphere is increasing the temperature of the Earth has been found. From their role in reducing carbon in the atmosphere, the airlines are actively involved in reducing consumption especially, petroleum products (including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. etc.) In this perspective, early, June 2011, some of the airlines operated their flight conventional air fuel mixed with vegetable oil.

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    Generally, bio-fuels are derived from a special algae category. Fuel (bio-fuel) from the processed coconut oil, jatropha oil, and waste cooking oil used along with kerosene is experimented as fuel for the flight.

    Airbus, Boeing flight uses the conventional bio-fuels along with aviation fuel have been used for a long-distance trip.

    Now, for the first time bio-fuel is used to operate the flight. On October 29,the Canadian airline 15 seater passenger flight flew across the canada and tailed by second plane which is to gather the information about the about the emissions from the leading flight.

    T33 tailing the Falcon 20 in a test flight

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    Ethiopian People eating this mustard plant as food also.

    The Bio-fuel used by Canadian flight is from the plant Brassica Carinata. This is also known as Ethiopian mustard. This is a type of mustard. (In India, mustard oil is used for cooking in the northern states of the type of Brassica Nigra) The use of mustard oil used for cooking. Cooking oil is extracted from the resulting mustard in Ethiopia. Ethiopia, people use the oil for cooking.

    In the beginning of this article, though I referred as funny situation as it is in fact not the case. Many types of oil extracted from pea plants in Ethiopia its biofuel made in the plane.

    Lands in the southern part of the United States and Canada are suitable for cultivation of Ethiopian mustard. Currently, Investigation on further expansion is in progress.

    In future, Airlines and Automotive industry will be powered by bio-fuel. Days are not far.


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