File sharing service giant BitTorrent launched SoShare beta with 1TB Free

  • Peer-to-peer file sharing giant BitTorrent launched the SoShare with the secured protocol. according to the SoShare, It’s a simple, free file delivery service powered by BiTorrent.

    As of now, SoShare targets the coders, designers,designers, photographers, musicians and content creators,  to deliver large files on a daily basis.

    SoShare is built by BitTorrent engineers, on BitTorrent’s P2P framework (however, BitTorrent confirms that it still uses Amazon’s S3 services for caching, as it did in the alpha version), and will sit alongside Sync in Labs, BitTorrent’s “test kitchen,” where it puts work in progress for its community to try out and develop into potentially more commercial products.

    Uploaded files get stored on the BitTorrent’s servers for 30 days, but then they can extend the file life by download and share that to others.

    To use the free 1TB(Tera Byte) service, click here to sign-up.

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