Scientific reason behind Sri Chakram

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    The conclusions of recent research­es on Sri Chakram by Alexei Kulaichev, a senior researcher in the Biology fac­ulty of Moscow State University, using modern exact sciences and electronic computers have evoked the interest of historians, ethnographers and scientists throughout the world.

    The scientist was inspired to study its structure comprehensive struck by its austere geometric beauty and regular design. As he proceeded he found its mathematical properties deepening amazingly. Highlighting the mathematical enigma of Sri Chakram (also known as Sri Yantram) another scientist Ivan KovaJchenko, Person in the then U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences and a prominent Soviet historian, gives the example of the central fragment of the figure—a 14 sided star formed by the intersec­tion of nine large triangles.

    He says that the ingenuity of the image is based on the truth that the majority of the straight lines forming it go through three, four and even six points of interception with other lines. To build this type of figure and to analyze it for an algorithm is an incredibly challenging task. It's been accomplished only on some type of computer which has had to do greater than a hundred million operations for the purpose. Besides, each step in image building and analysis involved the perfect solution is of an extensive group of related problems, both computational and programmatic.

    Philosophically, Sri Chakram is just a powerful symbol which represents the scheme of evolution of the universe from the Divine Fact. The central dot or bindu represents the supreme Transcendental Truth, Brahman. This dot is then first given a figurative extension as the initial central triangle called Siva triangle with its apex pointing upwards. Siva represents the consciousness aspect of Brahman and Shakti the power aspect. Siva and Shakti are one, as the ocean and its waves are one. When this polarization reaches the extreme through the different phases indicated by the entire of Sri Chakram, the best result may be the manifesta­tion of the gross universe.

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