The Truth About Coconut Water


    The Truth About Coconut Water

    Coconut water is more richly source of electrolytes that contain both potassium and sodium that helps to cure and prevent dehydration. It serves best to sport champions that drinks it for them to gain energy and early recoveries. It serves best other than other sports drinks since it contain less sugar as compared to fruit juices. The following are some factual benefits of using coconut water:

    Immunity Increase

    Being one of the sources of vitamin C that provides immune system functions for immunity against common diseases such as the common flu, AIDS, cold and preferably infections within the body.

    Beneficial to Heart

    It increases the blood flow towards the heart as it reduces ineffective cholesterol and increases effective cholesterol in the blood thus prevents heart attack. It also serves a beneficial as a preventive instrument for hypertension and stroke victims.

    Skin Health

    Coconut water contains both the anti-fungal and bacterial properties that serves best for the skin infections and disease related effects. Such skin infections include boils, wrinkles, cellulite, the acne and eczema.

    Digestive System

    It contains a higher amount of fiber that improves the digestion and at the same time increases absorption of nutrients consumed. It also serves as a preventive measure for the digestive disorders such as bowel and constipation.

    Kidney Related Effects

    It reduces the high chances of risks associated with kidney stone. It also serves best for patients that already suffers from kidney stone.

    Teeth and bone Health

    Coconut oil is rich in high amount of calcium that serves to strengthen the teeth and bone. It prevents tooth decay and related problems and also improves oral health.


    Patients suffering from diarrhea are advice to drink a lot of coconut oil since it helps to replenish the lost fluid and energy. It is highly rich in electrolyte and nutrients like potassium, magnesium, the amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids, vitamin C, manganese that serves best for the patient suffering from diarrhea.


    Coconut water can be used effectively to prevent cancers that are related to breast and colon. This is preferably to be taken frequently once the symptoms of the above mentioned cancers appear at early stages.


    Patients that are diabetic frequently develop sharp chances in the rise and fall of sugar level in their body thus consumption of coconut water will reduce and prevent these changes and complications to the patient related to sugar level spikes.

    Sports and Fitness

    Sports people and anyone that goes to the gym need to consume a drink that is quickly absorbed within the body to gain the lost energy and electrolyte. Coconut water serves best in this case since it contains carbohydrates, potassium and sodium that are quickly absorbed by the body.


    Consumption of coconut oil helps one from the free radicals that causes the degeneration of the cells. This is through the help of high contents if Vitamin C that serves as an antioxidant that prevents ageing. Other Diseases

    Coconut water is commonly used to improve thyroid secretion, prevents acne and also used to protect against other diseases and infections.

    In conclusion, coconut water serves well as one of the best natural water that contain various components that when consumed, serve various beneficial to health facts. Despite the facts mentioned above, every member is highly advised to have Ehic that will help him/her to receive medication at a low rate or to be covered by this card.

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