• Motivational Story : Self-Appraisal

    Motivational Story : Self-Appraisal A young adult aged boy went right into a drug store, and requested the owner to allow him to make a phone call. He dialed a number and was waiting for response. The store-owner observed and paid attention to the conversation:   Boy: Lady, Could you give me the work of cutting your lawn? Woman: (at one other end of the telephone line): I already have someone to cut my lawn. Boy: Lady, I'll cu...  Read more »

    Cockroach Theory : Reaction Vs Response

    Cockroach Theory : Reaction Vs Response Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of, just and right to save a situation from going out of hands, to avoid cracks in relationship, to avoid taking decisions in anger, anxiety, stress or hurry....  Read more »

    Story of the Pig and the Horse

    Story of the Pig and the Horse All of sudden, the owner came back saw the horse running in the field and began shouting : Its a miracle ! My horse is cured. We must have a grand party....  Read more »

    The story of an ant

    The story of an ant The ant had not thought the problem through before it began its epic journey and in the end the feather was nothing more than a burden. Isn’t life like that! We worry about our family, we worry about money or the lack of it, we worry about work, about where we live, about all sorts of things. These are all burdens – the things we pick up along life’s path and lug them around the obstacles and over...  Read more »

    Life's attractions and distractions

    Life's attractions and distractions The man who is always smiling does not means that he has no problem but the smile shows that he has the ability to overcome all the problems...  Read more »

    Who saved the Love from sinking?

    Who saved the Love from sinking? Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others, including Love.One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all constructed boats and left. Except for Love.Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment. When the island had almost sunk, Love decided to ask f...  Read more »