• What is a Space suit?

    What is a Space suit? We know that the atmosphere at the Earth's surface produces a pressure equal to the weight of a large automobile on each square meter. We do not notice this since it is equal both inside and outside our bodies. But if the air inside a metal pot is, for instance, forced out by boiling water inside it, the pot collapses under this pressure.Similarly, an unprotected astronaut in a space flight would ...  Read more »

    31 years of cell phone timeline

    31 years of cell phone timeline Now a days, we are using very handy and advanced cell phone almost with all the features. but if you go back and see the old cell phones, oh god not able to imagine to have that now. This infographic will show you the timeline of cell phone evolution for past 3 decades from 1982 to till now....  Read more »

    IRIS : Future technology

    IRIS : Future technology There are instances that I used to think beyond our current imagination, I was wondering whether that could happen or not. But I noticed that many of my imagination are already happening currently. So I’m here to share a set of futuristic technology or imagination, out of box. This article is also a part of my imagination. This may be a mating of minds to create a new technology in future. ...  Read more »

    Android vs iOS

    Android vs iOS With the dominance of iOS and the rising popularity of Android devices in the mobile marketplace, the security of these devices is a growing concern and focus for smartphone users. This infographic examines the security features of Android and iOS, and also takes a look at their strengths and weaknesses...  Read more »