Reason behind eating foods with our hands


    Within the westernized culture, eating food with hands is perceived wrongly as unhygienic, bad mannered and primitive. In India we now have always eaten with your hands and, as proverb says, “Eating food with your hands feeds not simply the body but the mind and spirit".

    eating foods with our hands in india

    The Vedic standard of living recognized the potency of hand and fingers. It's associated if you use Mudra(Hand gestures) that is an element of pooja, rituals, dance, sculpture and yoga.

    Hand mudra

    Hands are the primary tools of action. it is demonstrated by way of the morning prayer recited looking at their open palms:

    Karagre vasate lakshmi, Karamadhye Sarasvati

    Karamulye stitah Govindah(Gauri), Prabhate Karadarsanam!

    Goddess Lakshmi dwells on the tip of this fingers, in the midst of your hands or pal is saraswathi possibly at the base of hand is Gowri or Durga. This sloka states that in human hand you can find divinity. Feet and hands link the five elements to our mind and physique. Ayurveda says the thumb represents agni (fire); fore finger vayu(air); middle finger akash (ether or space); ring finger prithvi(earth) and kids finger jal (water).

    Activates Agni

    After we pick up food with your fingers, the food stimulates the five elements and activates agni, this enzymatic process inside the stomach, to emit digestive juices and process the food. Eating using the hand improves digestion by helping appreciation of the taste, texture and smell in the food.

    Traditionally, the hand was a major tool to measure and this has been especially true when women added spices, seasoning and taste makers to the food with just their fingers and palm guiding them. Hands are capable of six measurements dependent on the food type, including solid food, grains, seeds, powdered ingredients. These include a pinch—what can that the thumb and forefinger can pickup, the level of five fingertips together can select up, a shranga or the exact amount which fits through the tips in the fingers to where it joints the palm, a palmful of usually liquid things, a fistful or mutti and a span. We have a seventh one where one segment in the finger where it automatically bend can be utilized to measure liquids.

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